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Numbers to Know

Committee Contacts
Health Affairs Jerry McDermott 313-8188
Stan Patykiewicz 247-4830
AVVA Marie Davias 288-5756
Between The Lines Fred Elliot 288-5756
Chaplain Tom Puff 227-3426
Chapter Gear Valentino Gatto 227-2741
Comm. Service Terry Hogan 260-0585
Constitution Fred Elliott 288-5756
Finance Hank Wallace 334-5352
Incarcerated Veterans Ron Trovato 544-8470
Marching Unit

Honor Guard

Hank Wallace 334-5352
Valentino Gatto 227-2741

Chuck Macaluso 225-8288

Membership Mike General  227-4383
Minority Affairs  
POW/MIA Joe Peck 734-9046
Social Events Valentino Gatto 227-2741
Speakers Bureau Geno Lenyk 423-0206
Veterans Affairs/Benefits Veterans Service Agency 274-6040
Veterans Walk Chuck Macaluso 225-8288
Woman's Affairs Rosemary Rossi-Williams 736-6138

Veterans Organizations and Information

VA Clinic - 465 Westfall Road 463-2600
Veterans Outreach Center 546-1081
Vet Center 232-5040
Veterans Administration 800-827-1000
NYS Council 888-678-VETS
Monroe County Veterans Service Agency 274-6040
Veterans Benefits Hotline 800-827-1000
�Veterans Bill of Rights� 800-342-3358
VA Hospital in Batavia 343-7500
VA Hospital in Buffalo 834-9200
VA Medical Center in Canandaigua 394-2000
VA Medical Center in Bath 607-664-2111
V.V. of America in Washington 800-VVA-1316
V.V. Memorial Fund �The Wall� 202-393-0090
Nat.�l Lge. of Fam. MIA/POW Updates 202-223-6846
Richards House 506-9060
The Resource Center 546-4250
Stars & Stripes 546-3524
Persian Gulf Vets, Inc. 385-4097
Operation Welcome Home 234-4694


VVA Vehicle Donation Pick-up 585-738-2870

Websites / Email Addresses

Veterans Widows International Network

NYS Department Health:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Highland Park:

Operation Welcome Home:


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