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Contact Information

Committee Contacts

Agent Orange/Health Care Jerry McDermott 223-8454
Between The Lines Vito Scarpetta 301-5348
Chaplain Tom Puff 227-3426
Chapter Gear Lynn Gursslin 737-0976
Comm. Service/Pub. Affairs Mike Sanfilippo 594-2649
Constitution Fred Elliott 228-5756
Finance Jerry McDermott 223-8454
Marching Unit Hank Wallace 334-5352/Valentino Gatto 227-2741
Membership  Mike General 277-4383
POW/MIA Joe Peck 734-9046
Honor Guard Chuck Macaluso 225-8288
Speakers Bureau Ken Allocco 392-9424 H
                       269-0071 C
Veterans Affairs/Benefits Stan Patykiewicz 247-4830


Websites / Email Addresses

Veterans Widows International Network

NYS Department Health:

Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Highland Park:

Operation Welcome Home:



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